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07/19/10 04:04 PM #7    


Shelley Hendricks (Meyer)

OMG!  I am having so much fun with this website.  Thank you, Allan, for putting it all together.  It is so awesome!!!  And Nancy, aren't you cute with your highlighting!!!

07/20/10 12:38 PM #8    

Stella De La Paz (Lindgren)


Great job designing this site Alan!   It'll be great to see all who attend the reunion!

08/01/10 10:46 AM #9    


Rose Marie Filicetti

Alan, thanks for lending your techincal skills to this website - and to all of you who planned the reunion.  Haven't been to one since our tenth, but I go home twice a year to see my Dad, who is in a Sunnyside nursing home with Alzheimer's.

08/01/10 11:34 AM #10    

Lola Grafelman (Franklin)

Ros Marie,

I remember your dad very well.  As a kid I  loved going into the Eastgate Pharmacy with my mom, and listening to them talk.  He always smiled and made it a point to talk to me too, made me feel so good.  I'm sure everyone felt that way about him, he was a Sunnyside fixture.

It sounds like you and I work in similar fields... I hope to get to the reunion, I'd love to catch up.


08/01/10 04:51 PM #11    

Pamela Partch



I'm impressed.  This is a great website!


Pam Partch

08/08/10 08:00 PM #12    


Debbi Johnson (Berk)


This is too cool! I'm having so much fun checking this out! Fab job! Thanx and Mike and I will see ya'll there


08/11/10 08:53 AM #13    


Becky Graves (Tucker)

Rose Marie

I would like to send my deepest sympathies to you. I so enjoyed working with your Dad at Eastway. He was the best boss, and I am sure a great Dad also.

08/13/10 07:08 AM #14    


Cindy Clevenger

I'm off to Australia today. Sorry I won’t be seeing everyone at the reunion. And I can’t believe that Bob Dylan is making an appearance in Yakima just for us! Would love to see that, too - but alas ... Well, have fun and tell stories. I want to hear some after it’s over, too!

May we stay forever young ~

08/22/10 05:24 PM #15    


Tom Johnson

Nice job on the website, Alan.

I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again! Man, has it really been 40 years??! We're going to try to be in town on Friday--- see ya then! 

08/23/10 09:45 AM #16    

James Robinson

The website is really helpful, guys. Thanks for your work to bring us all together. Still not sure if I'll make it, though.

09/02/10 10:42 PM #17    

Timmie Dolan (Linehan)

What a great website!  Thanks Alan!  It's been fun to read all the bios.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again after so long!  Hard to believe it's been 40 years! 

09/05/10 12:56 PM #18    


Gaynelle Dorsey

 Last night was really fun!  Thanks to all the committee for your work in getting us all together.  And poor Andy, trying to talk over that microphone when nobody would listen--you were very persistent.  Loved Sash's story about his dad & the asparagus.  And Daryl getting pulled over by Tom Mortenson on the way to Sunnyside--that was hilarious!

Lots of people must have signed up at the last minute because there were many more there than I thought would be--so many really fun surprises.

I think I got to most of you to tell you that Wayne Jernberg really wanted to be there but couldn't make it because of some recent foot surgery, so it's pretty hard for him to get around.  But he did want to say hey to everyone.  His email is richardjernberg@comcast.net if anyone would like to get in touch, I know he'd like to hear from you.

09/05/10 07:43 PM #19    


Daryl Schilperoort

Gaynell ... I can call you that because I've known you for most of you life if you count Sunday School at First Christian Church, your summary is true.  I enjoyed the time I could spend talking with folks and hope that this web site will allow for us to stay up to date on the major life events.


09/06/10 03:34 PM #20    


Sid Hardwick

The reunion was WONDERFUL!  I saw a lot of folks that I see only every 10 years, and some that I haven't seen for 40 years.  Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make a great event.  There was talk about another one in 5 years.  I, for one, hope that happens! 

Is anyone going to post pictures?  I would like to post them on the FaceBook page also.  If you have some to share, please email them to me.  I was really sorry to find I had left my camera in the other car, so I have none.

09/06/10 03:45 PM #21    


Dan Kranz

Thanks to everyone that put in time and effort organizing the reunion.  I wasn't able to make it Saturday, but did make it out Friday evening and had a great time catching up with old friends and aquaintances (did I say OLD?  My how time flys!  Have a great rest of 2010 everbody!! ..........Dan Kranz

09/08/10 04:47 PM #22    


Tom Johnson

Man, it was sure great to see everyone! So little time, so many people...! Many thanks to those of you who put this thing together--- great job! I even came out of it a winner, scored a bottle of wine with my door ticket! LOL (Too bad I don't drink wine, but I'll give it to someone who's deserving....)

Sorry I didn't get a chance to visit with some of you for a longer time. Nikki and I are thinking it would be cool to get together with some of you guys who live over here on the I-5 corridor. Maybe a dinner out somewhere....?

Oh Daryl----- I also know Gaynelle only as Gaynelle; and I think I can call her that too, for the same reason as you...! LOL

Again, many thanks to Alan for whipping this website together. I hope we all use it to stay in touch.......




09/08/10 08:08 PM #23    


Gaynelle Dorsey

Any of you may call me Gaynelle.  And I do enjoy wine, just FYI Tom.

09/11/10 02:40 PM #24    


Debbi Johnson (Berk)

Yes the reunion was great! Thanks everyone for all your hard work. I tried to talk with all of you who attended the PARTAY, but know I missed some of you. Sorry about that. Too little time and many to visit with. Happy we now have this site to keep in touch. There are several of us gals that are within a short driving distance so we must get together for some fun! Sound like a plan, anyone?! Gaynelle, thanks for the message from Wayne to me about my college roommate. I sent Wayne a message cuz I wasn't quite sure how he knows her, etc. Andy, thanks for the wine (even if I did call out my own ticket number) LOL. You just kept skirting all around my number so close and since no one responded to #209, (mine was #208) I figured WHAT THE HECK What a sneak I am! Also, Tom Mortenson was obviously too busy stopping traffic! Was wondering why he wasn''t there. Anyway, I hope that we can do this again in 5 years. 10 years is much too long now that we are getting older. OOPS, DIDN'T MEAN TO SAY THAT OUT LOUD. Let's just say that it was too much fun to wait another 10 years.

09/20/10 11:58 AM #25    

Stella De La Paz (Lindgren)

It was a great reunion! The turnout wasn't so bad either! Maybe we can get more classmates to show up to our "45th" reunion?  ;o)  Thanks to all of you who made this one possible!

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has posted pictures of the reunion anywhere online?  I took a couple, but the lighting wasn't good, so the pictures turned out grainy!  

Hope everyone is doing well!


10/16/10 07:13 PM #26    


Tom Johnson

Jeez......... the Reunion is over, so everyone goes back in their cave for another 5 years? LOL 

Come on, People, we can stop in here once in a while, can't we? .... I'm still looking for a decent copy of the photos taken at the Reunion. Can anybody help me out?  

03/14/15 08:55 AM #27    


Daniel Johnson

Alan, after seeing, in disappointment, how many of our classmates have passed on I was glad to see that a 45th is being planned. If you are short of help and do need an extra hand let me know. I would not want to be the proverbial 5th wheel and be in your way, since you all have done this already. Still if you need help I would llike to help, if time allows. I am in Yakima so it is an easy trip. Thanks Dan Johnson Yakima


08/12/15 09:28 PM #28    

Richard Bogert

Hey everyone, looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend at our 45th reunion?

08/13/15 11:40 AM #29    


Suzanne Blume

I am unable to attend our reunion this year. I will miss you all. I will be thinking of you as you enjoy catching up with each other. I will be with you in our class spirit.

08/13/15 05:38 PM #30    


Jim White

I have been trying to update information on our classmates who have passed away.  Even though they no longer walk among us, they were valuable people who helped to form each one of us during our educational years, and they should be remembered.  At this point, we have dates of birth and death, along with additional information on many of them.  I would like to be able to add to the information we have regarding Sherry Holmes.  As I am sure many of you do, I have good memories of Sherry from the years she was in school with us.  The "In Memory" section of our website says only that she passed away in 2012.  I know she moved away from Sunnyside before we graduated, but if people could tell me more information, I might be able to use Ancestry.com and other computer resources to more properly pay tribute to Sherry.  Some of you might know useful items such as birth date, exact date of death, full name, married name, names of spouse, parents, children, or siblings, city or cities where she might have lived later on, the school(s) she attended after living here, or the name of the cemetery in which she might be buried.  Please feel free to respond to me using the Class of 1970 website, or speak to me on either Friday or Saturday during the reunion.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the 14th and 15th.

Jim White 

08/17/15 07:47 PM #31    


Jim White

Thanks to Andy Schilperoort for finding an obituary for our friend and former classmate, Sherry Holmes (Mahaffey), who graduated from West Valley High School after leaving Sunnyside.  Sherry passed away on January 15, 2012.  She was survived by a son, daughter, granddaughter, and her three sisters.  In the near future I will send more information about Sherry to Alan Walker, so he can post an update to the "In Memory" section of our Class of 1970 website.




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